Dianting Liu, Ph.D.

Patent Specialist

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Ph.D., University of Miami, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ph.D., Dalian University of Technology, Mechanical Design and Theory

B.E., Dalian University of Technology, Mechanical Design & Manufacturing and Its Automation


Dr. Dianting Liu’s practice focuses on drafting and prosecuting patent applications for clients in the areas of electrical and computer engineering. Dianting’s unique and expansive background of expertise and experience has enabled her to contribute significantly to the fields of image and video processing, machine learning, data mining, multimedia information retrieval, face recognition, and object and motion detection.

Prior to joining Bayes, Dianting has nearly 18 years of engineering experience, gained through both professional and academic research experience. She holds two Ph.D. degrees, a rare accomplishment that has given her a remarkable depth of knowledge, and has worked at several prominent software development companies, agencies, and an insurance company. Dianting has an extensive documented record of authorship in her field of endeavor. Her work has resulted in 20+ peer-reviewed journal articles and 10+ conference papers.

Dianting has also participated in a variety of vital national projects. She has contributed her expertise to a Centralized Database and Visualization System for Hurricane Observation, a project funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), to the Text Retrieval Conference (TREC) Video Evaluation project, sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and to the Multiple Biometric Grand Challenge, also sponsored by the NIST. Dianting has been integral to the Florida Public Hurricane Loss Model (FPHLM) project, which is a model designed to determine the probability of damage and insured losses following a hurricane, sponsored by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation.

Dianting has served as Publicity Chair for two IEEE international conferences, as a Co-Chair for three IEEE international workshops, and on the Technical Program Committees of four IEEE international conferences and an Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) international conference. Dianting’s experience also includes a high level of involvement in peer review. Dianting has frequently been invited to review journal manuscripts. Since 2010, she has reviewed 150+ manuscripts for 35+ journals and conferences. These include IEEE ISM, ICSC, and IRI meetings, as well as the International Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology, the International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, Advances in Multimedia, Advances in Computer Engineering, and several IEEE journals such as Multimedia, Transactions on Human-Machine Systems, and Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing.

Practice Areas

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  • Patent Drafting

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Selected Publications

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