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Hank S. Hong

Patent Specialist

Office: +1 (703) 995-9887

Mobile: +1 (718) 207-0918



LL.M., Cornell Law School

M.S., National Chiao Tung University, Master of Law

B.S., National Chiao Tung University, Electrical Engineering


Having practiced in both in-house and law firm, Hank knows the importance of building patent portfolios for corporations and how effective collaborations and communications between in-house and law firm may help develop robust patent portfolios.


Hank drafts and prosecutes patent applications before the USPTO, SIPO, JPO, KIPO, TIPO, and EPO in a wide variety of technical fields, including semiconductors and its manufacturing processes, electronic circuits, lighting devices (LED chip, LED packages, etc.), memory devices (RRAM, PCRAM, DRAM, NAND, etc.), power devices (GaN-based transistors), mobile applications, autonomous robot platforms, artificial intelligence and neural networks (in-memory computing, AI sensors, etc.), energy storages, and membrane filters. Hank is capable of drafting high-quality and complex patent applications in both Chinese and English.


Hank has experience in the preparation and prosecution of U.S. trademark applications, assisted attorneys during opposition and cancellation proceedings before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (“TTAB”).


During prior in-house work, Hank was responsible for conducting patent evaluation, freedom to operate, design around, validity analysis, reverse engineering, infringement analysis, and R&D assistance using TRIZ Method. Hank also had participated in the US patent litigation where he was responsible for conducting interdepartmental coordination between various departments. He also has experience in drafting and reviewing patent licensing agreements, technology transfer agreements, joint technology development agreements, and trademark agreements, and dealing with trademark disputes in collaboration with outside counsel.


Prior to joining Bayes, Hank worked for Aptum Law as a senior patent specialist, and Weintraub Tobin Law Corp. as a technical advisor in the United States, and Epistar Corp. as an in-house IP engineer in Taiwan.

Hank can work fluently using Chinese and English.

Practice Areas

Patent Office Practice

  • Patent Drafting

  • Patent Prosecution

Trademark Office Practice

  • Trademark Prosecution


Chinese and English